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USBFIX 9.010


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  • Owner: USBFIX
  • Size : 3.64 MB
  • Version : (9.010)
  • Date : 14 December 2016
  • Allow : Window 10 , 8 , 7 , Vista , XP
  • Licence : Ad-Supported (Open Source)

USBFIX is a free malware removal tool that helps you to detect and kick out infected USB memory sticks or other USB removable devices. UsbFix is a free utility disinfection for USB virus. UsbFix able to removes all types of malware, infections, virus or any threats. Nowadays, UsbFix is really useful thing for all system users; this tool is used by more than 5000000 users. Now this tool is part of our life, we share them with the friends, family; children use them to the school. He doesn’t content with cleaning your cards SDs or USB keys, this tool will also clean your PC if the any malware or infection is active in your computer. He will clean and permanently kick out the virus without deleting your infected files.Universal serial Bus USB now a days is very necessary for data travelling as it has been frequently used for sharing and transferring data between different devices. But using USB has its limitations as it is vulnerable to virus as they are easily infected by virus. USBFIX is a solution to Vulnerability of USB to virus. As it is used to get rid of virus and malware and also detects harmed USB sticks.


  • Number one detection USB Virus
  • During infection of your  files and folders it will gives you access
  • Regular free updates
  • UsbFix is constantly changing
  • Simply Post your issues on the given forum
  • Adapts to new threats
  • Get free and professional help on UsbFix forum
  • UsbFix team will guide you in case of problems
  • Shortcut USB virus
  • Excellent and perfect support offered directly from the software tool interface
  • Great articles and tutorial that will helps you how to use this tool and deal with malware
  • Able to detect and remove infections automatically
  • Able to repairs the damaged files such as hidden files, task manager and registry etc.
  • It will supports back-up
  • It will create backup for saving your files and folders
  • It will regularly, updated your database with latest infections
  • Vaccination option available
  • Will stop future infections by creating new auto run
  • Offers free protection for external hard drives, pen-drives, smartphones, memory cards etc.
  • Automatically detects and removes most common threats like trojans, keyloggers, VBS viruses, worms, other malware infections
  • A guarantee of quality for our UsbFix users
  • 100% guarantee full access to detection UsbFix
  • Easy to Use

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