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Mozilla Firefox 53.0b3 / 54.0a2 Developer / 55.0a1 Nightly


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  • Owner: Mozilla
  • Size : 42.2 MB+
  • Version : (53.0b3 / 54.0a2 Developer / 55.0a1 Nightly)
  • Date : 17 March 2017
  • Allow : Window 10 , 8 , 7 , Vista , XP
  • Licence : Freeware (Open Source)

Mozilla Firefox is easy, free and fast Open Source web browser that gives you with a perfect customize-able interface with different 3rd-party plugin or add-ons, as well as Mozilla authored plugin or add-ons to choose from.

You can use tabbed browsing, able to check your spell and will correct automatically, have bookmarking option with Smart Bookmarks, will find incremental, have download manager that able to download multiple files, location-aware browsing, private and secure browsing that have an integrated search engine at your choice.

Firefox able to customize and change your web experience that exactly to your requirements. Have ability to remove that what you don’t need or use, able to save what you to do and kick-out it just about anywhere, it will depend on your choice. Provide you with extensive features and security settings to choose from in order to keep your browsing private and safe.



  • You can do privately browsing
  • Secure your personal info that is collected and used online
  • Able to remove browsing history
  • Provide 100% security
  • Add-ons
  • Fast startup and shutdown
  • JavaScript
  • Popular websites load quickly
  • Plugin supported
  • Check your spell and will correct automatically
  • Now supports HTTP/2
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Protection from malicious website
  • Change or add search engineUsagesharedp
  • Simple and easy browsing controls
  • Able to download multiple files
  • Private and secure browsing
  • Perfect customize-able
  • Have bookmark option
  • Smart Bookmarks
  • Crashed tabs stay isolated
  • Able to recover crashed tabs
  • Supports HTML5
  • Secure from malware or any infected website
  • Alert you from any malware or virus
  • Warn you about potentially fraudulent sites
  • Tool set for JavaScript editing, profiling, HTML, CSS, network inspection
  • Updates automatically
  • Best protection against attacks
  • Totally Free

Download Developer 32 [email protected] Site
Download Developer [email protected] Site
Download Nightly 32 [email protected] Site
Download Nightly [email protected] Site
Download Beta 32 [email protected] Site
Download Beta [email protected] Site