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Feedbro for Chrome 3.10.0


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  • Owner: Nodetics
  • Size : 1.0 MB
  • Version : (3.10.0)
  • Date : 08 May 2016
  • Allow : Window, 10 , 8 , 7 , Vista , XP
  • Licence : Freeware (Open Source)

Feed-Bro enables you to read feeds from different sites and of different formats such as helps in reading blogs, news, twitter feeds, Instagram, RSS, Atom, and RFD based feeds. It is easily configured and connected with any site and any format.

Feed-Bro for Chrome Features:-

  • No Required to online services to get needed
  • Complete support and standalone feed reader (RSS, Atom, RDF) as a Chrome extension
  • Able to viewing multiple modes
  • Advanced Rule Engine
  • Able to view newspaper
  • Able to Automatically converts Instagram and Twitter pages to feeds on the fly
  • Able to view magazine
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Able to searching by a tag IFTTT support the full Favicon support
  • Able to convert partial and diffirent feeds to feeds with complete articles with a built-in
  • Have readability style conversion engine
  • Opera RSS reader-style
  • Able to view of article
  • Able to read all items in folder at once
  • Able to view headlines
  • Have Feed specific settings
  • Show headlines plus one article
  • Have simple interface for removing inactive feeds and news
  • OPML support – Able to Import & export feed subscriptions
  • Fully Tree-based feed and news navigation with folders and drag & drop support
  • Have Built-in Rule Engine that lets you define the complete rules for border highlighting, auto-bookmarking, filtering, tagging, hiding, and regexp highlighting articles
  • Rules will support the google chrome sound effects and popup notifications
  • Article tagging
  • Article title is shown, when the article bottom is shown manually
  • Feed autodiscovery
  • Able to Finds different feeds from various web pages and able to makes it very simple and easy to subscribe to fresh and new feeds.
  • Able to organizes feeds into folders
  • Fully drop and Drag support for organizing the new folders and feeds in the tree navigator that is Flexible as”mark as read” options
  • Social sharing
  • It will show just unread items’ option and will helps you to read only what is fresh and new
  • We can read any news and feeds that is showing in computer (its includes company intranet, not only public Internet)
  • Have complete user interface themes like Aqua, Light, Dark
  • Article filtering will based on article size and age,
  • Huge-frequency update feeds like Twitter hashtag feeds
  • We Can export feed subscriptions to an OPML file.
  • Desktop notifications
  • Have Tagging system with search and autocomplete
  • We can import feed the different subscriptions from an OPML file
  • Integration with Instagram and Twitter
  • We can easily to drop the broken feeds or inactive
  • Have complete package of article headline and able to view for quick skimming
  • Able to Multiple browsing and viewing modes
  • Have basic and unique authentication support to able to read your password that will protect the feeds
  • Able to article sharing to different social media sites like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Google+, etc
  • It will supports offline reading
  • Complete user friendly
  • Free

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