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Combofix 16-12-15.1


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  • Owner: sUbs
  • Size : 5.40 MB
  • Version : (16-12-15.1)
  • Date : 16 December 2016
  • Allow : Window 8 , 7 , Vista , XP
  • Licence : Freeware (Open Source)

ComboFix will scan your computer/laptop for known malware and then automatically remove any malware or infections.

After cleaning a large amount of the most rare or common malware, ComboFix will automatically display a report of removal of any malware that wasn’t removed when the any program was open.

This is very powerful tool for malware, if you don’t know about ComboFix then i will strongly recommend to you about supervision with someone who has properly knowledge of ComboFix. Otherwise, it may create specific problems in computer.

ComboFix use at your own risk, I am showing a video tutorial for your helping purpose.


  • 100% Free software
  • After 100% Scanning ComboFix will kick at malware ass
  • After scanning it will Blocked malware permanently
  • Specialized effective cleaning tool
  • After completion of scan it will auto create a removed malware report
  • After that, You can use this report to check that any malware has removed or not
  • if you find any malware is exist in the report which is not automatically remove, you can manually delete it.(Mostly ComoboFix will deleted all type of virus automatically)
  • Real Time Saver
  • Give 100% protection for your PC
  • User Friendly

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